Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Process Leads to Accomplishments

On Friday, Jan. 21, I flew to San Diego to take an exam to become a Certified Economic Developer. During this trip I was most fortunate to be able to tour Corky McMillians BRAC redevelopment project. It was amazing! The real estate development project took 400 acres, a deteriorating naval base, raised about $200-300 million and have created a hell-of-projct. This experience was well worth the 4 hour crammed flight from 20 degree weather to 70.

I returned Monday to Nashville only to drive 2 hours to Lexington, KY to stay overnight for a bid conference on Tuesday in Frankfort, KY. Lord send the harvest is my prayer in response to this bid oppportunity.

I just finished watching our President give an phenomenal State of Union Address and in it he mentioned one firm that I want to mention. Congratulations to CenterRock a rock drilling company in PA. They designed a tool that rescued the miners in Chile and now he has been promoted by the US President. This is awesome promotion which money cannot buy. CenterRocks process has led to accomplishment.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

blog 1

After reading an article in one of my favorite magazines which I cannot recall, Entrepreneur or Inc., I learned that there was a name for my desires, visions and passion...I am a Serial Entrepreneur! Congratulations to me. The names sounds like someone that is a pathological money maker.

From cutting grass when I was a child to being the unofficial apprentice to my uncle at his autobody repair shop, I have been positioned in and around business for most of my life. Now it is my time. One of the most beautiful things about "time" is that no man or woman :-) owns it. So, although it is my time, it can also be your time. As my God says, there is a time for everthing.