Monday, October 31, 2011

when does the revenue = the effort lol...

In a past entrepreneur magazine article, sometime in the winter/spring 2011 or fall 2010, I learned a new term that really explained the pros and cons of the creativity and innovation that drives entrepreneurs. I beleive that I am taking the long way to introduce you to this great new term that I learned...serial entrepreneur. To my understanding (based on my comprehension of the entrepreneur article), a serial entrepreneur is someone that launches more than one startup and not always after the previous startup has succeeded or failed.

Following this same frame of mind, my cousin, the owner of (Mogul Magazine in Louisville, KY) and I motivate and joke with one another asking when does the revenue equal the effort that we, serial entrepreneurs, put into our entrepreneurships.

Don't stop. We believe in you! Proof that I am a serial entrepreneur lol... and