Friday, April 1, 2011

Traveling the road less traveled.

There are a number of phases and quotes used to justify doing your own thing. For example, I have often heard, "sometimes you have to cut your own path," or like the title to this piece says, "travel the road less traveled." It may be true that you need to take your destiny in your hand versus allowing others to be in charge of your life. However, asking someone with more expertise, who has been there and done that, or has succeeded in an area where you are thinking about traveling is wise (good thinking).

As an economic development consultant, I have always sought out good advice, mentoring, networking and relationship building. Those whose opinions that I think have value and I trust, I ask for their opinion.

My mentors, male and female, black, white, latin, asian, etc. may not work in economic development, but they may be a terrific team builder. I want that skill. They may not be may age or have my particular skill set, but they know how to influence people. There is value in learning from others. So, you may travel the road less traveled, but ask someone that is native to the land or vegetation what is the best route.